Distance to Keep

Time is precious for me to hold.
All the boundaries I put up into mold.
Years of healing wounds
Dead skin peeled off onto my tomb.

I was your loyal friend, you know?
You still have my loyalty, as enemy of yours
My plight now as your fiend
Will never cease to pour

I know what you did recently
You can deny it but you know that i do know.
And I hope to get this message across to you
One slight wrong move from you and that’s my cue

As years come to pass
Try to keep your distance last
You can look back from the past
Just go forth fast

Try not to bother my silence
For I am not bothered by yours
Try not to disturb for I am quiet and at peace
Both of us living in our own pace and space

Try not to move a bit from your stand
For I am not bothered where you are
Try not even to wonder
Just live your life and l live mine

You can pry but you cannot hide
Better not to look for your past
I swore before that you will not bear
My name as a threat until your last breath
You can swear to make it fair

Try not to risk a chance of meeting your past
Try not to cross the line, for ill make your life shine even brighter
Try to remember my loyalty is yours forever
Try to heed my advice and you will be safer

Keep your distance as far as you can
If you can’t just stay where you stand
Try not to move across from where I am
Try not to wander around where i stand

we’re better off from each other far far more
Far better to forget that we’ve met
I know to you my name is a threat
So do yourself a favor to save your dear lover.

This is not a hate letter
This is to remind you where should you stand.
This is not a threat
This is a message for someone from a distant past.




Dear wordpress,

Few days ago I was notified by fb that I have a new follower subscribed to my profile.
I checked who it was. The name is Einsten Mcphee. Not surprised or anything, i still checked E.Ms profile as part of the routine. Nothing to see and obviously it is a fake account linked to a fb friend named Meric. From that moment on I got the idea who Einsten Mcphee is. I blocked the fraud account.

I was surprised to check myself that I did not feel anything about it. Maybe just a funny thought or a question of “why?”

I knew who Einsten Mcphee was before he even thought of making some changes in to their profile account.

For the record, I am peacefully living my life right now. I do not want or like any unwanted issue for my time to waste. Just to account this event. I guarantee that no living things will be harmed.

for security purposes only.

Full Stop. -part1

trying to reach the destination to its last hurray!

the last breath to crying days to last will soon become dust

the journey you made hope it’ll never fade

the legacy of your name soon it will reign

this is the last stop of your talk and your walk

this is the full stop for us to ponder your life proud and tall.